170A Welding Machine

170A Welding Machine

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MMA Inverter for Power Efficient Welding

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In INVERTER based Power Source, the input supply is applied to a diode bridge circuit where it is rectified and filtered to produce a pure DC voltage. Solid state switches then chop the DC to provide a high frequency, which is beyond audio range. The high frequency voltage is then applied to the primary of a transformer, the secondary of which is then rectified and filtered. The DC power so obtained is utilized for welding by transforming it to either Drooping or Flat characteristic.
Because of the high frequency, the required magnetic components like transformer and choke become smaller in size resulting in lower losses, making the machine highly efficient. Reduction in size of magnetic components also reduces the weight of the machine and makes it compact. Also, due to high frequency, the response of the machine to the changed arc condition is very fast resulting in good quality welding with minimum spatters.

Silent features :

  • Low power consumption.
  • Compact in size.
  • Light weight.
  • Low No-Load loss.
  • Easy Arc striking.
  • High efficiency.
  • Smooth welding with minimum spatter.
  • Protected against Over Voltage and Current.
  • Immune to Supply Voltage Fluctuation.
  • Switching Frequency beyond Audio range


  • Rated Output Current Amps. : 170A
  • Rated Arc Voltage : 27VDC
  • Input Supply : 195 – 265 VAC
  • Input Phase : Single Phase
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • No-Load Voltage : 65VDC
  • Output Current Range : 20A to 170A
  • Duty Cycle : 60
  • Protection : IP23
  • Cooling : Forced Air Cooled
  • Size of Electrode : 1.6 – 3.15 mm

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