FAQ Technical

What file format do you accept for quoting?

You can use any PCB design software that you want, however, it needs to be able to export Gerber RS-274X and NC Drill files. Please .zip all of your files together (include read me).

What if I don’t have any Gerber files?

We do have the capabilities to transfer your drawings, a schematic, or sample bare-board into a design file that we can use for PCB fabrication. You can check out our “PCB DESIGN” page.

Do you repair broken circuit boards?

No, we don’t repair printed circuit boards from TVs or other electronics. We can’t reproduce a circuit board that has already been populated with components. Please contact the manufacturer who made the part.

Do you test all of your boards?

Yes, we test all of the boards before they are completed and shipped to ensure quality.

Do you manufacture Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs?

No, we do not currently have the capability to manufacturer flex and rigid-flex PCBs.

Can you make PCB in Panel?

Yes, we can make your PCB in panel, so that you could have greater production speed in populating the small PCBs. In fact we always make PCB in panel. But unlike other PCB manufacturer, we do not ask you to always send your design in panel, because we use PCB pool service, i.e. we take different PCBs of different customers and combine them in a single Panel, so that we can manufacture Prototypes or small quantity PCB in very short time.

But if you have larger quantity, then we may ask you to go for Panel Design. Our Maximum Panel Size 640 MM X 400 MM.

Do you Offer V-Grooving Service?

Yes, of course, For your Panel PCB, if you ask for V-Grooving, then we can supply that.

Do you supply Round Shape or Any Odd shape PCB?

Yes. We can supply any shape PCB. Thanks to our CNC Router, you can design your board outline as you need. But please note that you must have send us the mechanical outline data along with your Gerber files.

Do you still have a question?

Fill out the form on the contact page.

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