This Week’s PCB Design Tip – IV

Mechanical Layer:

A mechanical layer should minimally contain:

  • The exact board outlines with dimensions.
  • Exact positions and sizes for all inside milling,FF slots or cutouts with dimensions. 

Additional information that should be included in the mechanical plan when needed:

  • A reference hole: the distance from one drill hole in X and Y to the PCB outline.
  • All drills using different symbols for each different drill size.
  • PTH/NPTH indication for holes and slots
  • A clear layer sequence or buildup drawing including all copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, any additional layers like peel-off or carbon, in the correct sequence viewed from top to bottom and with the correct corresponding data file name.


Use top viewed right-reading text to label every gerber layer to prevent mirror board production.

Board outline:

Make sure your design o/p includes board outline in every layer.


Gerber output:

Make sure you turn all used layers while giving gerber o/ps. So there is no confusion for extra / missing files.


You can also visit our Design Guideline page for more information.
To review the complete list of PCB Design Tips page Here.

Stay tuned for next week PCB Design tips.

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